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Andy Larkins and his 16-year old website,, have transformed Greater Cincinnati softball over the past two decades.  Along with Andy’s Facebook page, has become the number one online resource for Greater Cincinnati parks, players, managers and fans to exchange softball information, with an audience of over 10,000 slow pitch enthusiasts.  Now possessing over 25 years of experience as a player, manager, sponsor, Andy first developed a passion for the game at Rumpke Park competing against many Hall of Fame players, while learning about the competitive opportunities available in Metro, State and World Tournaments.  A lifelong entrepreneur and partner in a website hosting company, Andy saw an opportunity to revolutionize the nation’s largest tournament, the Cincinnati Metro, by providing a website to streamline the ability to obtain game times and bracket information.  That idea took hold in 2003 when he registered, launching the site in 2004 after partnering with several parks, adding a message board, and archiving articles from the Cincinnati Softball News.  Almost instantly, the site became the best advertising spot for area softball league and tournament operators.  Eventually in 2010, became the exclusive platform for Cincinnati Softball News.  At its peak, the site topped out at over 2 million pageviews per year and this past year had over 2,000 unique IP visitors.  After Softball News publisher Mark Linnemann retired in 2014, Todd Sledge came on board and the site started leveraging Facebook. can now quickly push video content and tournament results and announcements to over 5300 followers on that platform while maintaining the current site and message board.

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Since becoming a slow pitch umpire in 1982 at the age of 19, Dave Maury’s life has been intricately connected to the game of softball in Greater Cincinnati for over three decades. In 1990 he became the Assistant Park Director at Rumpke Park, then in 2001 was named Park Director at what is now Mid-America Ball Yard, where he is currently the park’s Operations Manager. Dave’s trademark appearance – stained, dirty ball cap, Wrangler jeans and work boots – has been a familiar site to countless players and fans during the early morning and late evening hours now for over thirty years. During that time, he has also been active as a player, coach, sponsor and ASA Commissioner, and has served on many committees which have contributed to the betterment of the game. At Mid-America, he has overseen a staple of such premier events as the annual Bash for Cash, City Slam, Conference USSSA Men’s Major, and the Metro Tournament. Dave has unquestionably been responsible for the success and longevity of the Metro Tournament. Above all else, he treasures the many life-long friends he has made in the game. One of his most prized memories in softball is the time his dog and long-time sidekick, Max, ran across field number 1 at Rumpke Park during a Jay’s vs VIP Major Metro semi-finals game.

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Bob Owens has been the manager of Expressway Park in Milford since the park opened in 1982.  Under his direction, Expressway has been a showcase facility, distinguishing itself for is superior cleanliness, field conditions, field lighting, concessions, staff and umpiring.  It is recognized and respected nationwide for its singularly professional operation and tournament management.  Expressway has hosted approximately 400 league teams a year since 1982.  And as the flagship facility for Ohio USSSA, it has hosted over 1,300 state and national qualifiers, 180 State Championships, 280 National Invitationals, 30 National Tournaments and five World Series.  Expressway was honored with the USSSA National Award of Merit in 1987, and the Ohio State Award of Merit in 1993, and was named Complex of the Year by the Softball Operators and Directors of America in both 1987, 1991 and 1995.  Bob received the Ohio USSSA State Director’s Award in 1995, and is a past President and Vice-President of the Premier Softball Association.

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Danney Saylor has been manager of Greater Cincinnati’s largest private softball complex, Rumpke Park, for the last 32 years.  And for the last 24 years he has served as the Commissioner for the Metro Cincinnati Amateur Softball Association.  He is perhaps best known as the tournament director for the Cincinnati Metro Tournament, the ASA’s largest slow pitch softball tournament for 24 consecutive years.  The event hosted approximately 400 men’s and women’s teams during its peak, and capturing a “City Tournament” is the dream and goal of every player and team in Greater Cincinnati.  Respected for his tough but fair-minded decisions as director of the Metro, especially relating to eligibility and classifications, he has also been a pioneer and trendsetter, and a champion of sensible equipment standards.  And he has helped raise over $100,000 for such organizations as the Shriner’s Burn Institute and the American Cancer Society.

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