• Saturday, March 17th, 2018


Her managers and coaches and teammates all agree that they could not have asked for a better teammate than Carole “Baldy” Baldauf Replogle. Described as a dependable player and a base-running and defensive specialist in left and right centerfield, Carole simply out-worked and out-hustled the competition. When the game was on the line and a team needed a clutch play in a crucial part of the game, Carole was the player you wanted to have the ball hit to. During her 21-year career, during the height of women’s slow pitch softball, she was a mainstay on the roster of two National Championship teams, Rutenschroer Floral (1970) and Sorrento’s Pizza (1976). Many credit Carole with winning the 1970 National Championship after making a diving catch in the outfield behind another outfielder while doing what Carole always did, backing up a teammate. A lifetime .300 hitter, Carole also claims four ASA Metro Champions to her resume among some 49 tournament titles her teams collected.

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